About us

Studios have always been a place for creative work, and we'd like that to be a reality for anyone, whether they need to mix an album, make edits, record vocals, overdub guitars, get final mixes mastered, produce the next great EDM banger, or record foley. We want our facilities to make sense with today's artists, today's budgets and today's industry professionals' needs. It's not about re-inventing the wheel, it's about designing spaces for everyone to create in, no matter what their budget, or what their creative and technical needs may be. 

We're always trying to stay true to the best of what recording studios have been in the past, without ignoring new ideas and ways to create for today's most forward-looking artists and producers. 

Being different than other studios defines us. We're a full service facility, from pre-production and recording to mixing and mastering. This is why we call it a mountain. The studios within these walls may be different, but that's what makes Fader Mountain Sound more than just "a studio."

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  • Sound Recording & Engineering 
  • Audio & Music Editing, Transfers, Archival & Restoration 
  • Music Production
  • Project Pre-Production
  • Music & Post Production Mixing
  • Commercial Sound Design
  • Mastering




Have a project? You can have us produce and engineer it, or have anyone you like come in and do that for you.

See our Studios page for more information on our spaces.

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